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2 Days Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Uganda Kibale National Park | 2 Day Chimp Tracking in Uganda

2 Days Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda Safari Kibale National Park – Overview

This 2 Days Chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda Kibale National Park is a 1 night/2-day Uganda Chimp tracking safari in Kibale Forest, including community, birds, and beautiful scenery tours.

This enticing 2 days Uganda Chimpanzee safari starts and ends in Kampala or Entebbe taking you on a mystical adventure on foot deep in the rain-forest of Kibale. It gives you opportunities to marvel at the lives of Chimpanzees (our closest known relatives).

You explore their beauty, intelligence, and social structures.

Kibale National Park covers an area of 795 Km2 and is home to 13 Uganda primates making it have the highest density of primates in the whole world. It also has over 350 tree species and some rise to a height of over 55m.

These trees provide a grand canopy for an abundance of rain forest counting from 1,500 Chimpanzees. Others are;

·        Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys

·        Red- Colobus Monkeys

·        Red-Tailed Monkeys

·        Uganda Mangabeys

·        Vervet Monkeys

·        L’Hoest’s Monkeys

·        Olive Baboons

·        Blue Monkeys

·        Bushbabies

·        Pottos

It also has a total of 70 mammal species, 250 butterfly species, and 375 species of birds.

This 2 days Chimpanzee trekking Uganda safari tour also takes to a scenic cycling encounter in the Mpanga Tea Estates. You can then hike to the Fort Portal Crater Lake field and as well explore the heritage tour to the Amabere caves.

Indeed it is an excellent chuckle-some mini-break adventure safari in Uganda to Kibale National Park.

Please contact us and have an amazing value-for-money safari tailored to your budget and interests in a 2-day Chimp Trekking Safari in Uganda Kibale National Park.

2 Days Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda Safari Kibale National Park – Prime Safaris Activities

  • Trek chimpanzees and explore the wildlife of Kibale Forest National Park.
  • Cycle in the Mpanga tea estates
  • Heritage and historical tour to Amabere Caves
  • An adventurous hike to the scenic Fort Portal Crater Lake Field

2 Days Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Uganda Tour Kibale National Park – Featured Safari Destinations

  • Day 1: Fort Portal Area & Kibale National Park
  • Day 2: Transfer back to Kampala

2 Days Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Uganda Kibale National Park – Highlights

  • Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to the Fort Portal area, visit a tea plantation for photos of a lesson about tea growing in Uganda, visit Amabere caves, Hike to the Fort Portal Crater field, and drive to Kibale National Park.
  • Day 2: Do Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park and transfer back to Kampala

2 Days Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda Kibale National Park – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer From Kampala to Fort Portal Area, Stop At A Tea Plantation For Epic Photos & Lessons About Tea Growing in Uganda, Visit Amabere Caves, Hike to the Fort Portal Crater Lake Field & Drive To Kibale National Park

Enjoy a hearty breakfast at your hotel in Kampala before driving to Fort Portal Area, which takes approximately 5 hours (300km). You’ll be driving through the picturesque countryside including the isolated hills of Mubende.

Also, you will enjoy this transfer as you go through the beautiful small towns of Mpigi, Mityana, Mubende, and Kyenjojo. At around mid-morning, you will arrive at the Mpanga tea plantation.

This tea estate is spread across a continuous landscape with endless scenic views, making it ideal for exploring. You will take some classic photos and you can encounter workers plucking tea.

The experienced tea plantation workers will give you a full lecture about tea growing in Uganda and you can as well engage in the activity.

After the activity, proceed to Fort Portal town, where you will enjoy a hot lunch. The fort from which the town gets its name no longer exists but it is a charming town and a scenic area in Uganda.

You will drive to and explore the Amabere Caves which are named after the breast-like features. They are believed to have belonged to Nyinamwiru who was the daughter of King Bukuku.


She was a beautiful young lady that every man wanted to marry her and her father was receiving several marriage proposals even from unsuitable suitors. So, he got fed up and decided to cut off her daughters’ breasts so that she becomes less attractive.

After that, you will go on a hike to Fort Portal Crater field. When here, you will traverse the difficult slope of Kyeganywa hill, which is surrounded by many crater lakes and crater hollows. Some of them are about 400m deep.

It depicts Uganda’s charming scenic sites. On a clear day, you can see the Rwenzori Mountains from the top of Kyeganywa Hill. You can now proceed to Kibale National Park in the south which is about an hour’s drive.

Arrive at your lodge check-in, refresh, and afterward go for an afternoon Bigodi community tour. This tour usually lasts for hours and it features a real encounter with the local people as you get to see how they live their daily lives.

You can visit the traditional healer, and see how he mixes different herbs to make effective medicine or you can visit a family to engage in coffee processing. It starts with the planting of a coffee seedling, harvesting the red ripe coffee, and sun drying it.

You can then pound it and afterward make yourself a cup that is freshly brewed by you and the locals. Or you can opt to visit the local Bigodi women’s group and make crafts for sale so that they improve their standard of living.

Retreat from the activity and return to your lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

The highlight of the day: Visiting the Amabere Cave and an adventurous hike of the scenic Fort Portal Crater Lake Field.

Drive distance and time: Approximately 300km or 5 hours

Activities & services of the day;

  • Transfer to Fort Portal Area
  • Cycling in Mpanga Tea Estate
  • Visit Amabeere Caves
  • Hike to the Fort Portal Crater Lake Field
  • Drive to Kibale National Park

Optional activities you can choose to do on this day;

  • Enjoy a nocturnal walk in Kibale to sight nocturnal creatures like Pottos, Bushbabies, Nightjars, and Tree hyrax.

Day 2: Chimpanzee Trekking In Kibale National Park And Transfer Back To Kampala

After breakfast, depart for the Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center at around 6:30 a.m. When you arrive, you will meet with an expert local guide. And he will accompany you into the Kibale rain forest for the wonderful Chimpanzee trekking, which begins at 8 a.m.

This enticing activity, however, begins with a briefing on the Chimpanzee trekking experience. You become acquainted with the activity’s dos and don’ts. Following this briefing, you will venture into the forest in search of the Chimpanzees.

Visitors have trekked Kibale’s Chimps since 1993, and there is a 95% chance of seeing the apes due to the Chimpanzees’ population of over 1,500 individuals. This trek also takes between 2 and 5 hours.

You can only spend 1 hour with the Chimpanzees once you meet them. In addition, the group size is limited to 6 visitors, and tourists tracking the apes must be above the age of 12.

While in search of the apes, you will be surrounded by birds, colorful butterflies, and other primates in this lush green forest. You are likely to see at least 5 or 7 other monkeys, including;

·        Black-and-white Colobus

·        Uganda Red Colobus

·        Uganda Mangabey

·        Red-Tailed Monkey

·        Vervet Monkey

·        L’Hoest’s Monkey

·        Olive Baboons


You will finally meet the habituated Chimpanzees, which will allow you to move closer and observe them. Come close, but from a safe intimate distance of 8-10 meters, and it is the ideal opportunity for photography.


When you come face to face with man’s closest relatives in the animal kingdom, it is an experience of a lifetime. As the Chimpanzees demonstrate human behaviors and emotions, you will experience a captivating sense of awareness.

You might notice the Chimpanzee mother’s love for her baby or the harm done to a younger sibling. Chimpanzee trekking is a stunning adventure. You have an hour with the Chimpanzees once you arrive, and you can take as many photos as you want.

After this enticing activity which usually lasts for 2-5 hours, you will then head back to the starting point and rejoin your guide.

Your safari guide will drive you back to Kampala which is about a 300 km journey (5-6 hours). During this return journey, you will drive through scenic towns and endless landscapes.

This will require you to make some stops like at the Mityana local market and you can engage in fruit shopping. You will pick a few organic tropical sweet fruits of Uganda and other surprises will come along the way.

You will meet roadside hawkers with roasted chicken which is the Ugandan version of KFC. It is skewered on long sticks and if you are not a picky eater, then you can try out this amazing delicacy.

Proceed with your journey back to Kampala/Entebbe and you are most likely to reach late 8-10 pm depending on the traffic. This will mark the end of the tour.

The highlight of the day: Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park

Drive distance and time: Approximately 300 km or 5 hours

Activities and services of the day;

  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • Drive back to Kampala

Optional activities you can choose to do on this day include;

  • Chimpanzee Habituation Experience
  • Birding
  • Visit the community-run Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary

End of the 2 Days Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda Safari Kibale National Park

Safari Inclusions

  • Chimpanzee trekking Permit
  • Full Board Accommodation on Safari
  • Transportation in either 4X4 Safari Van or 4X4 Safari Land Cruiser all with Pop up roof & AC
  • Fuel
  • Professional English Speaking driver guide. Any other foreign language speaking guide can be arranged on request.
  • Entrance fees to the tourist sites including protected areas mentioned
  • Activity fees of the tourist activities mentioned
  • Bottled water while on safari
  • Border crossing fees (for cross-border safaris)

Safari Exclusions

  • General tips for the driver guide, site guides, and service staff at the lodges
  • Laundry Services
  • Other Beverages/drinks of personal nature like Alcohol
  • International Flights (Arranged on request)
  • Domestic Flights (Arranged on request)
  • Visas
  • Optional Activity fees
  • Other extras not mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Airport Transfer (Arranged on request)
  • Accommodation in Kampala or Kigali unless it is part of the Itinerary (Arranged on request)

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