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Best Gorilla Safari Companies in Uganda, Rwanda & DR Congo

Best Gorilla Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo | Top Gorilla Trekking Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo

Gorilla trekking is one of the best African safari activities every tourist wants to experience. Gorillas are beautiful endangered animals that share over 98% DNA similarity with that of humans.

There are only 3 countries where one can see Mountain Gorillas in the world and those are Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo (DRC). All these countries border each other and the Mountain Gorillas are within the Mountains of these countries.

However, are you looking for the top Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo to take you on Gorilla tours? This article is going to list for you the best Gorilla trekking companies that you can opt for.

Since there are several Gorilla companies, this article has a guide to look at and understand the different factors you need to consider when choosing the best company.

It also explains the different importances of Gorilla companies both to the people and the government and why you need their services.

The Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo are legit and from our experience, we have got the best 10 companies that you can choose from for your Gorilla safaris.

List Of The Best Gorilla Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo | List Of The Top Gorilla Trekking Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo

This list gives you the best Gorilla companies that you can choose from when you are planning your Gorilla tours in Africa. It is based on their reputation of experience and customer reviews and recommendations.

Below are the top Gorilla trekking Companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

  1. Prime Safaris And Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Gorilla Trekking Uganda
  4. Gorilla Safaris And Tours
  5. Gorilla Safari Rwanda
  6. Gorilla Tracking Rwanda
  7. Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Safaris
  8. Congo Gorilla Safaris And Tours
  9. Safari Uganda Safaris
  10. Africa Safaris Tours

What Is The Responsibility Of Gorilla Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo

Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo have a lot of responsibilities and roles that they do. The main responsibility of the Gorilla companies is to create and organize Gorilla safaris and tours for their customers.

However, besides the main responsibilities, there are other roles or duties of Gorilla companies and these include;

  1. Gorilla Trekking Companies Plan And Make Gorilla tour Packages For Their Customers

Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo plan and make Gorilla tours for their customers. They come up with new ideas for tour packages and plan though they tailor and customize them according to the customer’s interests.

They come up with the packages by combining other travel modules that suit the customers and they include where the tour starts and ends. The Gorilla safari trips come with other attractions, accommodation options, and transport.

  1. Gorilla Companies Handle Reservations For Their Customers

Handling reservations for customers is one of the major responsibilities of Gorilla companies. They call the opted lodges and hotels and reserve the customers’ stay and go ahead and buy the Gorilla trekking permits.

The companies have a mutual relationship with tourism component providers making it easy and quick for reservations. This is because they are ever on the ground and meet with different establishments and facilities creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

  1. Gorilla Trekking Companies Give Travel Information Or Advice To Travelers

Gorilla trekking companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Uganda give reliable travel information to their customers. The travel information should be what they require for the country they are wishing to go to and about Gorilla trekking.

These companies are on the ground and get the right information that they give to customers like the dos and don’ts of an activity. They advise the customer with relevant security tips, health, visa advisory, and what to carry and wear.

  1. Gorilla Companies Offer Travel Management For Travelers

After they sell the Gorilla safari packages to customers, they will manage the entire trip from beginning to end. They will pick the suitable guides for you and the moderate means of transport for you like the best safari vehicles.

Through managing the Gorilla tour, they look deeper into the booked accommodation if the reservation still stands and if it is appropriate. They also make sure that you feel secure by checking up on you throughout the entire safari.

  1. They Promote Tour Packages

Gorilla trekking companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo after they come up with the packages, they promote the packages both on domestic and international markets.

They aim at targeting tourists who are interested in Gorilla trekking tours though by doing this, they as well advertise their countries as top touristy destinations. Promoting tour packages is indeed a responsibility of Gorilla companies.

  1. Gorilla Companies Evaluate The Service Options Available For Their Customers

Gorilla companies weigh the options available in the Gorilla safari tour for tourists so that they give them the best experiences. They choose the best accommodation for them, the top guides, and the ultimate safari activities.

These companies look out for the best itineraries and give them to tourists.

Qualities Of Good Gorilla Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo? –What Makes A Good Gorilla Company?

Several qualities make up a good Gorilla company and below are some of these qualities.

  1. A Good Gorilla Company Should Have Suitable Communication Platforms

What makes a good Gorilla company is the easiness they use to communicate with their customers. The communication platforms of the Gorilla company should functional at all times of the day.

The easiest mode of communication platforms of a company is having an online website. This is where the company shares the services they offer and how one can contact them.

There is always a mobile phone number and an email address which are ever on and a good company is responsive to all incoming calls and inquiries. Other communication platforms can be social media sites as customers can always send you inquiries.

  1. Should Give Correct Information

Giving correct information comes when the Gorilla company is fully knowledgeable about the services they are offering. This makes a company good as they are resourceful and reliable as they give correct answers to questions asked by customers.

Giving correct information comes with giving travel advice on the activities the customer wishes to engage in. A Gorilla company should be resourceful having information at their fingertips in case a customer asks.

All answers should be in the interests and preferences of the customer.

  1. A Good Gorilla Company Should Offer The Best Itineraries

Offering the best itineraries makes up a good Gorilla company as they are given according to the customer’s desires and interests. The itineraries should be flexible according to the activities included.

There should be a starting and an ending point for the safari tour in the itineraries and they should be affordable. They should be having what the tour includes and excludes with the safari highlights.

The best itineraries given to customers should not be exhausting and tiring, they should be fun and adventurous. The activities should have a right flow.

  1. Should Be Able To Provide Add-On Services

Good Gorilla companies should be in a position of providing add-on services to their customers. These services are those that cannot stand alone as they come in hand with other services.

The companies can provide add-on services like helping in reserving lodges and hotels. A good company should be able to book Gorilla trekking permits for customers not them buying for themselves yet using your services.

Put in extra service of picking up and dropping off the customers at the airport.

  1. Good Gorilla Trekking Companies Should Have Experienced Guides Of Different Languages

Gorilla trekking companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo should have experienced guides in multiple international languages. This is a good quality of a company as you service all kinds of tourists from different countries.

It is good to give a tourist a professional guide whom they share the same language with so that their communication flows appropriately. It is not good to offer a guide who speaks a language the customer does not understand.

This means that the guide and the customers will not connect and there will be no fun. Everyone should understand each other so that no one is left in the dark. Having experienced guides of different languages makes you a good Gorilla company.

  1. Should Provide Affordable Prices

A good Gorilla safari company should offer customers affordable prices for their Gorilla trekking tours. The tours even though are affordable, they should as well offer value for money.

And, it should also be in the interests of customers and should have the best lodges. Offering unaffordable prices of tour packages does not make a company good since no one can afford them.

  1. Good Gorilla Trekking Should Support Local Communities

Good Gorilla trekking companies should support local communities by giving them back a percentage of their profits.

This is a way of practicing sustainable tourism. The money given to the local communities helps them grow economically and socially.

  1. Should Be Honest (Integrity)

A good Gorilla company should be honest with the customers he/she is offering the services. You should be able to provide what you agreed on with the customer during the booking process.

If you promised a Land cruiser, then don’t give the customer a tourist van because he paid for a different vehicle. And also if there are any changes in the reservations, consult first with the customer to look at other options rather than suggesting them.

  1. A Good Gorilla Company Should Be Sensitive

Good Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo should be sensitive in a way that they should think beyond the usual. Being sensitive means that you read the situation quickly and find a solution.

Tourists may not be able to ask some of the questions but you need to able sensitive to provide the necessary answers to them. This is because the tourist is unaware of the activities and destination they are going to very well and they cannot ask all questions.

Sensitivity on how you handle the tourist indeed makes a good Gorilla company.

  1. Should Have A Good Understanding Of ICT

Good Gorilla trekking companies should have a good understanding of ICT as the world is widely advancing with technology. If you are ICT illiterate, then how will you answer the emails that are sent to you?

There are cases when you need to promote the tour packages online and this requires ICT knowledge. Some of the documents of the customers are sent in soft copies and you require to print them but how will you access them with a lack of ICT?

Any good Gorilla company should indeed have a good understanding of ICT.

What Is The Importance Of Gorilla Companies In A Country?

Gorilla trekking companies have an important role in a country. These importances are beneficial both to the local people and the government of the country.

Below are the importances of Gorilla companies in a country;

  • Importance Of Gorilla Companies To The Local People

Gorilla companies have impacted the local people in many ways. Some of these importances are listed below.

Some of the importance of Gorilla companies to the local people include;

  1. These Gorilla trekking companies employ local people in the positions of guides, drivers, and reservations.
  2. They book hotels and lodges which are owned by the locals.
  3. Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo have engaged in community tourism which is organized by the local people.
  4. They support local communities by giving a small percentage to them which they use for economic development.
  • Importance Of Gorilla Companies To The Government

The existence of Gorilla companies in the country has benefited the government in several ways and these include;

  1. They provide the government with taxes which are used as revenue for creating infrastructure like schools, roads, and hospitals.
  2. Gorilla trekking companies advertise their countries on an international market as tourist destinations.
  3. They also bring in tourists to the country who then bring foreign currency which is used for running the country’s economy.

Do Gorilla Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo Do Responsible Travel Or Sustainable Tourism?

Yes, the Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo engage in responsible or sustainable tourism.

But how would one define sustainable tourism? This is a kind of tourism that gives people touristy experiences but it not forgetting the concerns of the environment around and the local communities.

Sustainable tourism minds the protection of the environment, and the quality of the people and holds cultural diversity offering jobs and prosperity for everyone. The practice of sustainable tourism aims at several goals and below are the top goals of this kind of tourism.

  1. Sustainable tourism’s main goal is to offer local communities economic and social benefits between them and tourists making up a beneficial relationship.
  2. It also aims at reducing the negative impacts of tourism on the local communities and the general environment.
  3. Sustainable tourism aims at conserving the cultural heritage of the local people and offering realistic touristic experiences.

How Do Gorilla Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo Practice Sustainable Tourism?

There are various ways Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo practice sustainable tourism and these include;

  1. Gorilla trekking companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo have reduced the use of paper and other resources in their offices.
  2. These companies give jobs to local people for driving and as guides.
  3. They use recyclable products throughout their operations.
  4. Gorilla companies advise tourists and the general public to use fewer plastics.
  5. On their safaris and tours, they are using newer fuel-efficient safari vehicles.
  6. They are greatly involved in wildlife conservation, especially the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Why Should You Use Gorilla Companies For Your Gorilla Safari Holidays? | Why Do You Need The Services Of A Gorilla Company When Planning For Gorilla Tours?

  1. Using A Gorilla Company Saves Your Time

Using the services of the Gorilla trekking company will indeed save you time as you will not be calling lodges for reservations. Neither will you move out to go and buy Gorilla trekking permits and move to different banks trying to make payments.

This requires a lot of time and the Gorilla company will save you from that since it will make all of the work. You are only required to book your Gorilla safari and the rest will be taken care of by the company.

You will be hustle-free and not troubled because reservations require a lot of calmness.

  1. Gorilla Companies Give Competitive Prices

When you use the services of Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, you have many competitive price options you can look at. This is because very many companies have set sets to compete with their rivals.

If one Gorilla company sets a price, the other with have a reduced price or even a discount. This will help you greatly if you are traveling on a budget and you want to save some money.

There are a lot of competitive prices to pick from if you are to use a Gorilla company but if you don’t, then there are fewer options.

  1. They Make The-Would Be-Impossible Possible

Using Gorilla trekking companies for your Gorilla tours can be rewarding as the companies can make the seemingly impossible possible. This means that they do things in their way and they be fruitful in challenging times.

It may be impossible for you to book yourself a Gorilla trekking permit like in the busy season if it is last-minute. But Gorilla companies can get it for you easily from their resources as they are well connected.

Also, they can reserve for you a lodge at the last minute which may seem impossible for you. You should use the services of Gorilla companies if you want a smooth and well-planned primate safari.

  1. They Help You Access The Principal Tourist Attractions

Accessing the principal tourist attractions might seem easy by reading it but it may be challenging if you are traveling by yourself. You may not know the procedures of how to access these places which is challenging and stressful.

It may be requiring to pay using online procedures but at the time of making the payment the system is offline. And, you may get stuck at the area’s entrance point but if you use the services of a Gorilla company, this is easy and quick.

Gorilla companies have a mutual relationship with the attraction areas and in case of an error, they can talk it to a quick solution granting you access.

  1. Gorilla Trekking Companies Guarantee You Travel Security

It is one of the crucial reasons for using a Gorilla company for your safaris. They will guarantee you travel security at all times of your African tour. Travel security means that the Gorilla company will forever be managing the tour.

Some insentience may happen like missing a late-night flight and yet you have already checked out of your hotel. This is so stressful as you can call again at the hotel and it is out of booking.

But if you used the services of a Gorilla company then you cannot worry about anything as the company will find a quick solution for that. Then can even reschedule your safari to other dates in case of any emergencies without charging you any fee.

  1. They Offer You After-Sales Service

After-sales services are not so common as they are offered by professional Gorilla companies as complementary.

This is a form of customer care being given to a customer as they can provide you with services with gratitude like celebrating with you a happy birthday. They go out of their way to ask for accommodation discounts for you and they can even upgrade your type of accommodation from lower class to an upper one.

Gorilla trekking companies do not just sell you the tour package, they will manage the entire Gorilla trip from the time it starts up to the end. They will check on you each day to see how well your trip is going.

  1. Gorilla Companies Will Give You All The Required Travel Advice

Using Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo will guarantee you all the required travel advice. This is necessary as they will give a clear image of what to expect at your next destination.

Gorilla companies will advise you on the dos and don’ts of Gorilla trekking and where it is done. But if you are traveling without their services then, you can miss out on some important travel advice.

How To Choose The Best Gorilla Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo For Gorilla Safaris  | How To Select The Top Gorilla Trekking Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo For Gorilla Tours

Choosing the best Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo is very challenging as most of them offer the best services. However, you will have to pick one as you cannot book all of them at once.

But how do you choose the right one? Choosing top Gorilla trekking companies is based on several factors and below are some of them which you can always look at.

  1. Does The Gorilla Company Have Knowledge Of Your Ideal Destination?

Always choose a Gorilla company in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo that knows the Gorilla safari destinations very well. This key and keep in consideration always as it is ideal for the company to have full knowledge of the destination.

Knowing the Gorilla tour destination means that you very well know the shortcuts to the area so that you don’t waste a lot of time traveling. In fact, a knowledgeable Gorilla safari company of a destination will know other fun activities done in the same area.

Their knowledge of the destination makes them experts and the best to choose for your Gorilla tour Africa. They use their knowledge to answer all your questions and doubts that you have about the destination.

A Gorilla safari Company without knowledge of a destination is not suitable for using for a Gorilla safari.

  1. Mind The Payment Methods Of The Gorilla Safari Company

Tourists planning for Gorilla trekking tours should always mind the payment methods of the Gorilla safari company. Tourists should use a company that has secure payment methods and are functional in their countries.

Always make payments to company accounts not personal accounts as you may be cheated. Don’t be deceived to send money through World remit, money gram, or western union unless you very well know the Gorilla company.

Most Gorilla trekking companies use payment methods of PayPal, bank transfers, Pesa pal, Credit cards, or paying at the offices of the company. Always decide on the better option for you.

  1. Consider The Booking And Cancellation Policies Of The Gorilla Company

Before you come up with the final decision to choose a Gorilla company, find out about their booking and cancellation policies. Are these policies favorable to you? They should mention when you need to pay the first deposit and also the time to pay the full payment.

Mind if the company’s policies give you a free pass for booking and cancellation? The policies should be able to explain are the terms and conditions of the bookings and what happens in case of a late cancellation.

All those queries should be in the company’s booking and cancellation policies. If a Gorilla company lacks these policies, think twice and go with the one with the favorable policies as there is a guarantee of security when traveling.

  1. Is Your Tour Operator Authentic?

Make sure that the Gorilla safari company you are opting for is authentic and reliable meaning that there is its existence. The authenticity of the company comes when it is fully registered in the country and is allowed to offer services to customers.

It should be certified by the country’s tourism board which is a government body regulating tourism companies. Additionally, try to find out if the Gorilla company is at least affiliated with any tour operators association.

Licensed Gorilla companies are more eligible to provide better services than those who are not because to be registered, you need to have essential standards.

However, some companies may not be part of any tour operators’ association but offer excellent Gorilla safari holidays.

  1. How Experienced In The Tourism Business Is The Gorilla Company? (Does the Experience Of Gorilla Company Matter?)

Does the experience of the Gorilla trekking companies matter? Yes, it matters as experienced Gorilla companies are trustworthy and plan Gorilla tour packages with beyond-amazing experiences.

But how do you know the experience of the Gorilla company? You can know this by finding out how long they have been in the tourism industry or business.

You can always read on their website or social media sites to see if this information about them exists or ask them directly through a direct phone call or email. Experience matters but it does not limit other new companies from providing unforgettable experiences.

The Gorilla company may be new but understand the tourism business even more than those who have been in the industry for some time. So, choose a company that you feel that has offered you the better service.

  1. Does The Gorilla Company Give You Sensitive Advice On Your Destination? (Travel Advisory)

Always choose a Gorilla safari company that is giving you sensible advice about Gorilla trekking at the location where it is done. Travel advisory should be a major factor when selecting a company to use for your Gorilla tour Africa.

They should advise you on how to behave when you meet the Mountain Gorillas, what time are you supposed to start the activity, or what to carry and wear. They should be able to advise you on all the dos and don’ts of the destination.

The advice they give you should be reliable and accurate so that you do not fall victim during your tour encounter.

A Gorilla safari company that does not give you travel advice is not a good one to use for Gorilla safari vacations. This makes them inexperienced and they are not reliable.

  1. Mind If The Gorilla Trekking Safari Companies Run Their Tours As Opposed To Sourcing The Service

Is the Gorilla trekking company you are opting to use run its tours? Make thorough research to find out if they do. Gorilla companies that run their tours are knowledgeable and experts making them reliable.

This means that they can easily tailor your Gorilla tour package to your interests and preferences within a short time and agree on a package price. However, those who outsource the service are not original and are like middlemen and they may over the packages as they want a commission.

So, always choose Gorilla company who runs their tours as opposed to those who outsource the service.

  1. Consider The Gorilla Company’s Response Time To Your Inquiries

Consider if the Gorilla trekking company you are opting for is quick in responding to your inquiries. Are they the kind of company that answer within 24 hours? Well, they should answer within a short and quick time.

When answering, they should provide you right answers to all the questions you ask them. They should give you the necessary attention and keep in touch with you through constant emails, phone calls, and social media sites.

A Gorilla company that responds to your inquiries fast is reliable and this makes you trust them and you feel comfortable working with them. Their attention towards your inquiries means that they are ever available even in case of emergencies.

  1. Find Out If The Company Offers Safari/Trip Insurance For Their Customers

The Gorilla safari company you choose should have safari/trip insurance for its customers. Travel insurance is key in times of travel as it protects you in case of emergencies.

However, most Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo do not possess travel insurance. This does not stop them from providing excellent Gorilla trekking tours.

In case you select a company with no travel insurance, endeavor to buy yourself the insurance before you travel for that epic Gorilla tour.

  1. Does The Gorilla Company Have A Sound Business Profile On The Web And Updates On Social Media Sites Or Platforms?

Choose a Gorilla company with a sound business profile on the web and updated social media sites. A company with a working website makes it legit and this website should be having what the company offers with other services.

It should be well linked to the social media sites which should be having updates as you can look at these sites and see more information that is not on the website.

Also, if lucky, you can find some posts from recent travelers which will guide you more in choosing the company.

The most used social media sites by Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The sound of the company’s business profile on the web makes it reliable and you can rely on them to plan your next primate safari.

  1. Mind The Price Factor

Minding the price factor is so crucial when choosing a Gorilla company. Every company has a unique way of pricing its Gorilla tour packages. However, this pricing depends on the safari style.

Some companies make and provide only luxury Gorilla trekking safaris yet others have an option of budget Gorilla trekking safaris. So it’s always ideal to find out what is best for you and choose that.

Find out what the price includes or excludes so that you pay for something valuable for your money. Some packages are priced high but will leave you with everlasting smiles or at times they are priced high for nothing.

  1. Consider The Gorilla Companies’ Reviews Or Recommendations

Recommendations are the reason why some people purchase items. Occasionally one can buy a tour package because a friend or family member recommended a Gorilla company.

Choose a Gorilla company that is highly recommended or reviewed as they will not disappoint. What do other travelers say about the company, is it reputable? You can check for reviews from TripAdvisor, Safari Bookings, Google reviews, and other travel-related sites.

Reviews are usually rated from 0-5 and if your company has review ratings of 4-5 then that’s a good company to work with.

From the reviews, you will be able to find out if the company you are choosing is reliable, trustworthy, and ready to offer you the best Africa Gorilla tours. In case the company has negative reviews, think twice before you travel with the company.

  1. How Is The Tour Company’s Seamless Booking Experience (Easiness Of The Booking Experience)

The Gorilla trekking company you choose should be having seamless booking experience. When you try booking your Gorilla tours in Africa it should not be so hard with challenges. Everyone hates unnecessary challenges.

Choose a Gorilla company with quick and fast booking methods. Let not the company ask for booking fees and unnecessary documentation. They should be active with their email addresses and willing to ease the process.

If the company you are opting for has a challenging booking process, then choose the one with a fast booking process.

  1. Consider The Tour Packages The Gorilla Trekking Company Is Offering To You (Have They Offered You The Gorilla Tour package?

Has the Gorilla safari company offered you the right Gorilla tour package? Always check and see if the package is to your interests and preferences. It should not be poorly planned as it can be tiring each day.

Many Gorilla companies do not have the expertise to of arranging memorable tour packages. The package should not be that one that will require you to pay for unnecessary activities.

When the company provides you with the package, you can always put the starting and ending points of the day in Google maps to find out the exact routes. Consider the type of hotels and lodges that are in the package and what vehicles will be used.

Find out what is included and excluded from the packages and the Gorilla company should be able to advise you on the activities to be done. The Gorilla tour packages should be affordable.

  1. To Choose A Good Gorilla Company, Inquire With More Than One Company

To come out with a better Gorilla company, always first inquire with other companies so that you get a better comparison of the services being offered.

You can compare the prices of the different Gorilla companies to get the better option especially if you are on a budget. Inquiring with more than 1 Gorilla company will make you consider the type of hotels, vehicles, and safari activities each company is offering.

Every company is unique in its services but the comparison will guide you in choosing the best.

  1. Consider The Maximum Number Of People (Average Group Size) A Gorilla Safari Company Takes On A Safari

Before choosing the Gorilla company to use for your Gorilla safaris, find out the kind of tourists the company handles.

Does the company evolve into group, private, or family tours? If the company falls in one of the categories which you are then choose that.

However, consider the number of people they take on a safari as some companies may have limitations.

Group tours typically involve a large number of people who share costs for transportation, fuel, and lodging and decide as a group on the type of itinerary to take.

It’s fun because you get to meet new people and gain valuable experience. Private safaris are typically taken by families or individuals who want to fully engage themselves in their custom-designed itinerary.

Many tourists prefer private tours because they can visit places of interest without being bothered by the rest of the group.

So always find out the kind of traveler you are and choose a company basing on the type of tourists they work with.

However, most Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo handle all kinds of travelers let it be groups or private travelers.

  1. Consider If The Company Has A Clear Traceable Location (How Do I Get To Know About Their Location?)

It is ideal to know the location of the company you are choosing for your Gorilla tours. Knowing the company’s location will let you know of its existence and it makes you feel more secure for your travels.

You can always find the traceable location of the Gorilla company by checking on their official website.

The website usually has the location of the company’s offices or you can use google maps since the company is verified on google.

Google maps will draw the exact routes to follow to the company’s traceable offices. A company with a traceable location is legit and reliable in the work it does for customers.

Don’t opt for a company that has no traceable location as they can be a fraud.

  1. Is The Gorilla Company Abiding With The Standard Operating Procedures For Covid-19?

Is the Gorilla company you are choosing abide by the Standard Operating Procedures for Covid-19? Always go with a company that follows these rules so that you are not at risk of contracting the disease.

A company that abides by the SOPs will guarantee you assurance of healthy safety of not getting infected with Coronavirus, unlike those other companies that do not abide by SOPs.

They should always keep you posted with the new updates concerning Covid-19 so that you don’t fall victim.

  1. Does The Gorilla Safari Company Support Local Communities?

Always choose a Gorilla safari company that supports local communities as this is practicing responsible tourism.

A good Gorilla company should at least give a small percentage back to the communities so that they develop economically and socially.

This percentage given helps the communities to build infrastructure like local schools, hospitals, and starting businesses. It passes through empowerment groups of women, the elderly, orphans, etc.

A company that supports local communities is clear evidence that your money is doing something good for the local people.

So, always choose a Gorilla company that supports local communities as they change the lives of others.

Is It Viable To Use One Or More Gorilla Trekking Companies For Cross-Boundary Gorilla Safaris?

Yes, it is viable to use 1 Gorilla company for cross-boundary Gorilla safaris and it is the better option than using 2 companies.

If the company has offered the best experiences in one country destination and they offer Gorilla tours to other countries of your interest, then you can use them.

This is a good option because you know what you expect from the Gorilla company as they have offered you a service already. Also, it is time efficient as you inquire about all country destinations at once.

However, it is also cheap to use one Gorilla trekking company for cross-boundary Gorilla safaris.

Is There Anything Like The Top Gorilla Companies In Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo?

Surely, there are top Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo that offer unforgettable Gorilla tour experiences to tourists.

These Gorilla companies provide the best primate tours, which leads to positive feedback from their customers. The reviews range from 4 to 5, indicating that they are among the best.

Every traveler enjoys writing a positive review and recommending a company that provides excellent services.

TripAdvisor, safari booking websites, Google, and other travel-related websites are where you can find some of these reviews.

Bad Gorilla trekking companies get negative reviews, and no one wants to travel with them which makes them limited companies.

Furthermore, because they are resourceful, these companies also offer cross-boundary Gorilla tours and this makes them top companies.

Is It Better To Use Gorilla Companies Or General Companies For Gorilla Tours?

Yes, using Gorilla companies for Gorilla tours is preferable to using general companies. This is because Gorilla safari companies specialize in Gorillas, making them experts who will provide you with the most memorable safaris.

They will provide you with detailed information about gorillas and how to see the apes in their natural habitat.

However, generalized companies will also provide you with amazing Gorilla tours, which you can combine with wildlife safaris if you wish. Although gorilla safari companies specialize in Gorilla safaris, they also offer other Africa safaris.

Most tourism companies will offer you various safaris, such as primate, wildlife, cultural, or birding safaris.

It is primarily up to the tourist to select a company that they feel secure with offering good services.

Is It A Must To Use Gorilla Companies For Your Gorilla Safaris?

No, it is not entitled to use Gorilla companies for Gorilla safaris as you can always arrange the safaris for yourself at any time of the year.

You handle for yourself the reservations of lodges, and transport modes and purchase the Gorilla trekking permits.

However, it is ideal to use the services of Gorilla companies as they are on the ground and will handle all the work for you. This will save you time and the hustle of making bookings and making bank payments.

Also, there are difficult times when you cannot buy a Gorilla trekking permit when they are scarce, especially in the peak season.

But a Gorilla company can get one for you since it is well-connected and resourceful.

When applicable, you can get discounted prices for the Gorilla tours when you use Gorilla companies unlike when you handle your safaris. It is better to use Gorilla companies when planning for Gorilla trekking in Africa.

In summary, this article has mentioned the responsibilities of a Gorilla company and the various reasons why you need their services.

This same article has listed the top Gorilla companies in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo from which you can choose to help you organize the amazing Gorilla safari.

It has also entangled the various factors to consider when choosing the right Gorilla company. It has explained the importance of Gorilla companies and how they are involved in sustainable tourism.

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