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The Nile Lake Albert Delta In Murchison Falls National Park

Lake Albert Delta is found on the southwestern side of Murchison Falls National Park. It is an expanse of lowland where the Nile River enters Lake Albert.

It is recognized as a Ramsar site and a significant area for Uganda safaris in Murchison Falls National Park. The Nile-lake Albert delta stretches from the devil’s cauldron where River Nile squeezes in an 8m gorge dropping 45m and forming the Murchison Falls.

After dropping, the Nile loses its power flowing smoothly to Lake Albert. However, before connecting to the lake, it forms a shallow area dominated by a swamp and wetlands.

This swamp area is made up of papyrus, marshes, and thick bushes and some part has rolling savannas.

Lake Albert delta is home to a lot of bird species and is significant as a hotspot for birding in Uganda. This is why it is an Important Bird Area as it has over 75 water-associated bird species.

It is one of the best places for seeing the rare Shoebill when on your African safari in Uganda, especially during the dry season.

Other unique water-related bird species to see here include;

  • Goliath Herons
  • African fish eagles
  • Grey-crowned cranes
  • Saddle-billed stork
  • Denham’s bustard
  • Black-winged and Spur-winged lapwing, and
  • Senegal thick-knee

The morning boat cruise to Lake Albert delta is the best way to explore the area giving you wonderful views. It is a 20km distance voyage that can last for about 4-5 hours leaving you mesmerized with wildlife views.

Tall acacia standing along the Albert Nile Game viewing track immediately north of the junction with the Queen’s track host several woodland birds.

Herds of grazers in the area especially Buffaloes are often attended to by insectivores like Cattle Egrets and Oxpeckers.

Uganda animals to see in the Nile-Lake Albert Delta area include

  • Uganda kobs
  • Defassa waterbucks
  • Jackson’s hartebeests
  • Buffalos
  • Giraffes
  • Oribi
  • Patas monkey
  • Side-stripe jackals
  • Lions

Attractions At The Nile-Lake Albert Delta | What To See At The Nile-Lake Albert Delta

The Nile-lake Albert Delta is full of tourist attractions everyone on a Murchison falls safari in Uganda would like to see. These attractions range from Uganda bird species, animals, and Lake Albert.

Visitors will get lifetime experiences when they come to this area and they will want more since it is rewarding.

These are some of the attractions at the Nile-Lake Albert Delta

  1. Uganda Birds At The Nile-Lake Albert Delta In Murchison Falls National Park 

The Nile-Lake Albert Delta is one of the best places having water-related bird species which some are only endemic. When birding Uganda, this is the ideal spot for you to be and see these beautiful flying creatures.

It has 78 spectacular unspoken-for water birds including the rare Shoebill. It is home to 3 globally endangered and 7 nationally threatened bird species like the Grey-crowned Cranes and the Papyrus Gonolek.

Those on Uganda birding safaris can always board a 4-5 hour boat cruise to the Nile-Albert Delta to see these birds.

Here are the birds found at the Nile-Lake Albert Delta

·       Shoebill

·       Papyrus Gonolek

·       White-Faced Whistling Duck

·       Fulvous Whistling Duck

·       Egyptian Goose

·       Spur-Winged Goose

·       Black Crake

·       Grey Crowned Crane

·       African Open-Billed Stork

·       Saddle-Billed Stork

·       Senegalensis Pink-Backed Pelican

·       Black-Crowned Night Heron

·       Striated Heron

·       Squacco Heron

·       Grey Heron

·       Goliath Heron

·       Purple Heron

·       Great White Egret

·       Intermediate Egret

·       Little Egret

·       Sacred Ibis

·       Hadada Ibis

·       Long-Tailed Cormorant

·       Great Cormorant

·       African Darter

·       Black-Winged Stilt

·       Common Ringed Plover

·       Long-toed Lapwing

·       Spur-Winged Lapwing

·       African Wattled Lapwing

·       African Jacana

·       Little Stint

·       Great Snipe

·       Common Sandpiper

·       Collared Pratincole

·       Rock Pratincole

·       Grey-Headed Gull

·       White-Winged Tern

·       African Fish Eagle

·       Pel’s Fishing-Owl

·       Malachite Kingfisher

·       Giant Kingfisher

·       Pied Kingfisher


  1. Uganda Animals At The Nile-Lake Albert Delta In Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda animals come along the Albert Nile game viewing circuit to refresh from the Lake shores. Additionally, herds of grazers like Buffaloes are present in the area though the prize of the area is the Rothschild’s Giraffes.

Giraffes here are spotted in large herds of over 30-50 individuals which is not common elsewhere during your Uganda wildlife safari.

While at the Delta circuit, look out for the known Hippo Point where several hippos come out of the water to graze.

More also, Lion prides have come to the delta circuit because of the antelope species that are in the area.

Here are some of the animals along the Albert Nile game viewing circuit

  • Rothschild Giraffes
  • Hippos
  • Lions
  • Crocodiles
  • Elephants
  • Buffaloes
  • Waterbucks
  • Bushbucks
  • Jackson’s Hartebeests
  • Warthogs

Safari Activities At The Nile-Lake Albert Delta | What To Do At The Nile-Lake Albert Delta In Murchison Falls National Park

The Nile-Lake Albert Delta has 2 main Uganda safari activities everyone is yarning for when on their Murchison Falls National Park safari. They are, bird watching and the boat cruise though, the Albert delta boat is favored by bird watchers.

The Nile-Lake Albert Delta Launch Cruise

The Nile-Lake Albert Delta launch cruise is the most recommended for those on safaris in Uganda and who want to explore the delta area. The cruise sails downstream a 20-kilometer stretch and is mostly favored by travelers on a Uganda birding safari.

And, it is the best way of seeing the rare Shoebill, particularly during the dry season when the water levels are low. The cruise departs from Paraa Jetty at 07.00 am scheduled with breakfast on board.

While on the boat cruise, you can enjoy the views of the Congo mountain ranges with undulating forested horizons.

The Nile-Lake Albert Delta launch cruise is between 4-5 hours returning to Paraa with unforgettable memories. Wild Frontiers operates the cruises and charge $55 per adult.

Visitors can always go for the Nile-Lake Albert Delta launch cruise at any time of the year. However, the best time is in the morning and the dry season when the water levels are low. This makes navigation easy and sightings of wildlife come quickly and easily.

What Is The Best Time To Visit The Nile-Lake Albert Delta?

The Nile-Lake Albert Delta is visited all year throughout. However, the best time is in the dry season as the water levels of the Nile are low making navigation easy and sightings come quickly.

Many water-related birds don’t like when the water levels are high and may intra-migrate to other areas.

The dry months are from December to February and from June to August. During these months, little or no rainfall is received in the area leading to successful sightings of animals and birds since there are no delays.

However, weather is unpredictable and can change at any time of the day as it can rain during the dry season or shine in the wet season. And, since it is a birding spot, many migratory birds are in the area from November to April.

Why Visit the Nile-Lake Albert Delta? | What Is Unique About The Nile-Lake Albert Delta

The Nile-Lake Albert Delta is the best bird watching area in Uganda for seeing water-related bird species. It has got the highest opportunities among other areas for spotting the rare Shoebill.

It has 78 water birds with 3 globally endangered and 7 nationally threatened including the Grey-crowned Cranes. It is a gentle and national bird of Uganda.

There are other animals to see in the area like Rothschild Giraffes, Hippos, Lions, Waterbucks, and Bushbucks.

This is the best opportunity of seeing the longest river (River Nile) pouring its water into Lake Albert the biggest Rift Valley lake.

What To Wear When Going To Visit The Nile-Lake Albert Delta?

There is wear you need to put on when visiting the Nile-Lake Albert Delta when on your safari in Uganda. Don’t stress yourself trying to look for clothing that you should wear, we are here to guide you.

Here is some wear you can always put on.

  1. Long Sleeved shirts and trousers

These will keep you warm in case it is cold. It will as well keep you from getting bitten by insects since your body will all be covered. However, avoid putting on bright colors since they stress animals and birds. Brown and Khaki are recommended.

  1. Light Shoes or Boots

Shoes will keep your feet protected throughout the entire trip to the Nile-Lake Albert Delta. Shoes should have rubber soles that will keep you stable on the boat deck and should be light.

  1. Polarized Sunglasses

These will reduce the glaze of the sun and protect your eyes and hence giving you clear sightings.

  1. Hats or Caps

Murchison Falls National Park is hot and a hat or cap will protect your head from that. However, it should be fitting so that it is not blown away from your head by the wind.

What To Carry When Going To Visit The Nile-Lake Albert Delta?

The Nile Delta area is a good destination to see especially for those on Uganda birdwatching safaris. However, there are some essential items you need to carry with you when visiting the area, especially going for a boat cruise.

These are some of the essential items to carry

  1. A pair of Binoculars
  2. A camera or phone for Photography
  3. Poncho or Rain Jacket
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Insect repellent

A pair of binoculars; since the Delta is a birding area, binoculars are highly recommended. They will bring closer far sightings, especially those of birds.

A camera or phone for photography; will help you capture unforgettable memories. The area has many sightings and surprises so please come with extra charged batteries and memory cards.

Poncho or rain jacket; a poncho will prevent you from getting wet when it rains when on the Nile Albert Delta launch cruise.

Sunscreen; Murchison park is hot so it is advised to pack sunscreen.  You will apply it to your body to prevent it from getting damaged by the hot sun.

Insect repellent; will chase away all the dangerous insects that may bite you and infect you with diseases.

The Nile-Lake Albert Delta area is one of the best rewarding places for birding watching in Uganda. It has the highest number of water birds in the country.

If you are on your Murchison falls safaris, this Nile Delta area is an ideal spot for you to visit. It gives you the best opportunities of seeing the rare Shoebill and the biggest rift valley lake (Lake Albert).

The delta circuit is rich with wild animals and herds of Giraffes are spotted along the area. Indeed the Nile-Lake Albert Delta is a tourist destination for everyone to visit.

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