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Africa Safari Tours

Africa Safaris, East African Safaris, Cheap Holiday Tours 2019/20

African Safari Tours

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Depending on your country or safari activity of interest, the itinerary can be tailored accordingly and interstate safaris can also be arranged to allow extensive experience. For example, viewing primates in Uganda and Rwanda can be supplemented with extensive wild game viewing in Kenya and Tanzania taking advantage of East Africa Tourist Visa. It can be noted that each of the destinations featured has a unique and must-see attraction or a tourist activity that would definitely make the visit to such a country memorable generating exceptional experience.

Uganda is a home to abundant wildlife including the endemic, endangered, and critically endangered and the vulnerable species as listed on the IUCN red list. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has in possession a minimum of 400 critically endangered Mountain gorillas while the adjacent Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is part of the Greater Virunga landscape that is a home to the remaining 480 mountain gorillas. Read More About Uganda