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Best Safari Companies In Uganda | Top Uganda Tour Operators & Travel Agents

Best tour companies in Uganda/safari companies in Uganda are the ideal companies that will take you around the “Pearl of Africa.” You may be wondering what are best Uganda safari companies (which Uganda tour company is the best) you will use for your Uganda safari.

Also, are you wondering how to choose good tour operators in Uganda? Well, this article is going to clear the air and you will get all the right answers.

Uganda tour operators cover safari tours within the entire country. They offer luxury, mid-range, and budget Uganda safaris to travelers on Uganda tour holidays.

When you want to book your tour to Uganda, this article is going to guide you with the best Uganda tour operators and how to determine one. These travel and tour companies in Uganda determine how your whole safari trip will be.

Most of these Uganda safari companies/ tourism companies in Uganda are overseen by or are affiliated with the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

Below is a list of the best tour companies in Uganda;

List Of The Best Tour Companies In Uganda | Big Safari Companies In Uganda

This list has the best tour companies in Uganda/big safari companies in Uganda that you can book for your safaris to Uganda. They are genuine and will offer you remarkable experiences of Uganda.

Here are the travel and tour companies in Uganda;

  1. Prime Safaris And Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Safari Uganda Safaris
  4. Uganda Birding Safaris
  5. A Uganda Safari
  6. Gorilla trekking Uganda
  7. Gorilla Safaris And Tours
  8. Africa Safaris Tours
  9. Guide To Uganda
  10. Travel Guide Uganda
  11. Jinja Source Of The Nile Tours
  12. Kampala City Tour
  13. Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda
  14. Car Hire Rentals Uganda Kampala

Who Is a Tour Operator?

A tour operator is someone or a travel business that joins 2 or more tourism organizations and then comes up with a travel package. This organized package consists of accommodation, meals, sightseeing, and transportation.

This tour operator makes sure that the tour package he/she has come up with suits the customers’ needs and interests. He also advertises or markets their tour packages, holidays, and itineraries.

How Are Tour Operators in Uganda/Safari Companies in Uganda Different from Tour Agents?

Well, there is a big difference between tour operators in Uganda and tour agents and you shouldn’t mix the 2. These are different people offering different services and many aspects.

First, we are going to look at the characteristics of each operator.

Characteristics Of Tour Operator in Uganda

  • Tour operators in Uganda make their tour packages and they don’t sell packages that do not belong to them.
  • These tour operators sell their packages directly to their customers or they at times require the assistance of a travel agent.
  • Safari tour companies in Uganda specialize in a few destinations.
  • Tour companies in Uganda earn profits from the tour packages that they sell.
  • They also work independently.

Characteristics Of A Travel Agent

A travel agent is a retailer that provides travel or tourism-related services to its customers. They provide these services on behalf of accommodation facilities or travel suppliers to other diverse kinds of traveling packages for each destination.

  • First of all, travel agents are brokers.
  • They sell packages that they get from tour operators.
  • Travel agents specialize in many destinations which are countries.
  • These travel companies earn commissions depending on the number of bookings that they have worked on.
  • Travel agents depend on tour operators and other travel suppliers.
  • They are retailers in the travel industry.

In conclusion, the difference between these 2 operators is that tour operators make tour packages and sell them directly to customers or travel agents. However, travel agents sell packages on behalf of the tour operator as he doesn’t create tour packages.

What Are the Types of Tour Operators in Uganda?

There are 5 types of tour operators in Uganda and all these operators do different roles in the travel industry.

Below are the types of tour operators in Uganda.

  1. Inbound tour operators
  2. Outbound tour operators
  3. Domestic tour operators
  4. Ground tour operators
  5. Receptive tour operators

Here is an explanation of the types of tour operators in Uganda.

  1. Inbound Tour Operators

Inbound tour operators in Uganda are experts and specialize within Uganda and focus on creating travelers’ needs and desires.

These operators sell and promote the entire destination to visitors from their local expert viewpoint.

Why Use an Inbound Tour Operator?

There are several reasons why you should use inbound tour operators when booking your Uganda safaris.

And these include.

  1. Inbound tour operators will give you up-to-date travel regulations concerning the destination country.
  2. These tour operators are on the ground which makes them easily spot-on during emergencies.
  3. Inbound tour operators give you all the necessary local advice and guidance that you require before traveling to Uganda.
  4. They will help you budget for your money during your entire travel to Uganda.
  5. When you use inbound tour operators, you save time since all the reservations and bookings are done by the tour operator.
  6. Inbound tour operators sell you customized or specialized itineraries.
  7. Also, they have local guides and interpreters who will make your Uganda trip a success.

Outbound Tour Operators

Outbound tour operators are specialists who create and market international tours for customers within their country. Usually, they partner with local operators based in the destination countries to provide value for money to their customers.

Why Use Outbound Tour Operators for Your Uganda Safari Holidays?

  1. Outbound tour operators will give you everything that you need or require under one roof.
  2. Also, Out bound tour operators flexibly update their products and packages based on the latest travel trends and demands.

Domestic Tour Operators

Domestic tour operators create tour packages of the country they are based in for travelers of the same country. These operators work hard and encourage citizens to explore their country.

Mostly they organize short trips like weekend gateways though they also have long trips.

Why Use a Domestic Tour Operator?

  • Domestic tour operators are ever on the ground in case of any emergencies.
  • He is more reliable and since you are from the country, you can even check out his traceable location.

Ground Tour Operators

Ground tour operators are those that offer a travel service (tourism) on behalf of the inbound or outbound tour operator. Basically, they help tour operators who are far from the destination organize their tours and assist tourists during the tour experience.

Why Use a Ground Tour Operator?

Ground Tour operators have local knowledge and contacts which is a good thing in case of any emergencies and easy logistics.

These tour operators specialize in a specific region or a tourist activity.

Qualities Of Good Tour Operators in Uganda? –What Makes a Good Uganda Safari Company?

There are various qualities that make safari companies in Uganda good or what they are! Most tourist companies in Uganda/tour operators in Uganda have the necessary qualities that make them good.

Here are some of the qualities that make a good tour operator in Uganda.

  • A Good Tour Operator in Uganda Should Have Suitable Communication Platforms

This is a key quality that every Uganda safari company should be having. There should be good means of communicating with your customers who are interested in your tour packages.

Some of the things that can make communication easy is an operating website. Is it always online? It should be online at all times of the year.

The mobile numbers that you give to clients should be valid and your number should be available 24 hours. The other key communication platform is a valid working email, and you should always be responsive to customers.

  • Should Give Correct Information

Good tour companies in Uganda should give the right and useful information to their customers depending on the questions they ask them. All these questions should be answered urgently to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Also, a good tour operator should be able to give you all the necessary travel advice to the destination that you seek. All the do’s and don’ts in the destination should be on his fingertips.

  • A Good Tour Operator in Uganda Should Offer the Best Itineraries

This is also a key quality travel and tour companies in Uganda should have. A good tour operator should be able to listen to your ideas and customize for you the best itinerary for your Uganda tour.

This itinerary should meet all the client’s interests and needs so that they get the best experience of their life on an African safari. A good tour operator will advise his customers on the flexibility of the entire trip.

His advice will base on the information he/she has for the selected destination. Like, what should be the highlight of the itinerary, and if it is identified, should it come first or last?

  • Should Be Able to Provide Add-On Services

Any good tour operator in Uganda should be able to give you add-on services. These services include bookings and reservations for lodges or hotels for accommodation, buying Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking permits, and also booking different safari activities.

Good tour operators should be able to do that. In fact, they should be able to provide you with airport pick-up and drop-off.

  • A Good Tour Operator in Uganda Should Have Experienced Guides of Different Languages

This is a key quality. All Uganda safaris and tours are customized with experienced safari guides for are fluent in different languages. This is so because you as a client, you are not left out of the blue when the guide is using a different language that you don’t understand.

Tour operators in Uganda use local guides for the desired destinations and so you should ask for a guide who uses your language. If you are German speaking, then you ask for fluent German guides.

This is ideal for you to feel secure and not left behind the scenes when the guide is giving some reliable information.

  • Should Provide Affordable Prices

Organized tour companies in Uganda should provide you with affordable prices for their tour packages. This affordable price should include your interests and suggestions from the best accommodation which may either be budget, mid-range, or luxury accommodation.

  • A Good Tour Operator in Uganda Should Support Local Communities

A good tour operator in Uganda should support local communities as a way of giving back to the communities. Supporting local communities is practicing sustainable tourism.

He/she should give a percentage of the bookings to the local communities so that they develop economically. Good tour operators should make a positive impact in these communities.

  • Should Be Honest (Integrity)

A good Uganda safari company should be honest with customers and the general public. All that is in the tour packages should be truly offered to the client and not exclude some items that the customer paid for them.

In case of any changes in the itinerary, then the tour operator should be able to communicate honestly to the customer. And, afterward, find other alternatives to account for that activity.

  • A Good Tour Operator in Uganda Should Be Sensitive

A good tour operator should be sensitive to the customers’ needs as something obvious may be new to the customer. You are dealing with tourists who know nothing about the destination but want to visit.

They will ask so many questions but if a tour operator is sensitive, then he /she will answer all necessary and related questions. So a tour operator should be attentive making sure that everyone gets want they require.

  • Should Have a Good Understanding Of ICT

Tourism companies in Uganda should have ICT skills as this world is moving advanced technology. Mostly technology is also in the world of tourism.

This is because most inquiries come in online via emails and also reservations are done online. Also, you will have to keep some records in a soft copy of your computer. This makes your computer and web literate.

What Is the Responsibility of Safari Companies in Uganda (Functions of Tour Operators in Uganda)

Safari tour companies in Uganda specialize in developing tour itineraries for ideal highlights. However, this comes with more roles and duties and these include.

  • A tour operator plans and makes tour packages for their customers: These tour operators make up tour packages for travelers. These are either solo travelers, couples, families, or groups.

Tour operators work with their customers to know their interests and desires so that they make them the best tour packages. These packages come with numerous attractions, accommodations, and transport options so that customers have options.

  • Tour operators arrange travel for travelers: Best Uganda tour operators help travelers to arrange their travel arrangements. This is to help the customers reach their destinations without inconveniences.

They book airline tickets between different countries and reserve rental cars for their customers so that they get to different attractions.

  • They give travel information or advice to travelers: Tour operators in Uganda give travel advice to customers about the destination they are opting for. This advice is good as tour operators are on the ground and know what is happening at the designated area.

Travel advice that a tour operator will tell you includes the vaccination, health, visa requirements, and what to carry for your Uganda safari holiday.

  • Tour operators handle reservations for their customers: This is a key role for tour operators in Uganda as they save you the hustle and do all the necessary reservations for you.

They reserve for you accommodation facilities, activities, and primate trekking permits. In case of any changes in the reservations, they are on the ground and work on that issue quickly.

  • Safari companies in Uganda offer travel management for travelers: They manage tours from the start to the end. Also, the operator has the responsibility to look after the better quality of a holiday like accommodation, meals, etc.

They give tourists tour guides and all the necessary travel and wants.

  • Tour operators evaluate the service options available for their customers: Safari companies in Uganda assess all the available options for safari packages so that tourists get a remarkable travel experience during their safari.

They will look for the best accommodation which suits your budget.

  • They promote tour packages: Tour operators in Uganda make and promote their tour packages to different tourists both domestically and at the international level. This has a big role as they promote tourist destinations.

What Is the Importance of Tour Operators in Uganda?

Tour operators in Uganda have done a big role in this country. Tours and travel companies in Kampala Uganda are playing a major role in the country.

These roles by the best tour and travel companies in Uganda have impacted both the local people and the government at large.

Importance Of Tour Operators in Uganda to The Local People

There are various ways tourism companies in Uganda have done an important role in the local people of Uganda. These are both indirect and others are direct.

They include.

  • Tourism companies in Uganda give jobs to the local people. Some of these jobs are as reservation officers and hiring local guides and drivers.
  • Tour operators in Uganda book locally owned accommodations and this way creates more jobs for local employees.
  • Safari companies in Uganda work with local communities and this is a perfect way of contributing to the local economy. The community experiences are hosted and managed by the local people giving them a financial status.
  • When tour operators in Uganda bring tourists into the country, they buy local souvenirs. These products are made by local people from local material providers.
  • Top African safari tour companies in Uganda give back to local communities by donating to local projects. This has helped both in the social and environmental development of the people.

This brings up the construction of schools, local hospitals, women empowerment groups, etc.

Importance Of Tour Operators in Uganda to The Government

Tour operators in Uganda are playing a big role which is so important to the government of Uganda.

  • First, tour operators in Uganda provide revenue to the government when they pay taxes on their booked tour packages.
  • Tour companies in Uganda have contributed a lot to the marketing of Uganda as a tourist destination.

Why Should You Use Safari Companies in Uganda for Your Uganda Safaris? | Why Do You Need the Services of a Uganda Tour Operator When Planning for Your Uganda Tour?

Well, many people still question if it is really necessary to use the services of a tour operator. It would be advisable to use the tour operator and it is of a good advantage when planning your safaris to Uganda to use one.

There are many benefits that you get when you use safari companies in Uganda for your Uganda trips. And here are some of the essential reasons to use a tour operator for your travels.

  • Tour Operators Give Competitive Prices

One of the key factors one considers when planning their Uganda safari vacation is the price (budget). Everyone would want to save a little cash in their pockets.

On this matter, the tour operator will enable you to choose from different options of tour packages that suit your budget. There is a variety of holiday packages from tour operators with different prices making it competitive.

This creates more competitive options than those that can be found by an individual as you can get like 1 or 2.

  • They Make The-Would Be-Impossible Possible

Using tour operators in Uganda is very much ideal as they help you make the would-be impossible possible. A good example of this is booking travel during the peak season.

As a traveler, you may fail to get a reservation in a lodge, yet a tour operator finds it possible to book one. This is the specialist of the tour operator.

Getting last-minute Gorilla trekking permits is very difficult though a tour operator can make this happen. So this is an essential factor to why use a tour operator for your Uganda travels.

  • Using A Tour Operator Saves Your Time

Everyone wants to avoid all the possible hustles when planning their safaris to Uganda. Tourists get to choose their next destination and the tour package that will suit them.

However, after this, all the rest of the work will be for the tour operator as he/she reserves the accommodation and other services. Also, the tour operator will ensure that all the attractions and destinations in your itinerary are not missed.

This will save a lot of significant time for you.

  • Tour Operators Guarantee You Travel Security

Tourist companies in Uganda guarantee you travel security during your travels. There is security assurance for your money as in case of any sickness and you cannot travel, the tour operator can reschedule your safari.

Also, in case of a delayed flight and you want to have a couple of hours sleep though the reception of the hotel has closed. The hustle is more frequent than one might imagine and in case you didn’t use a tour operator, it may be tiring.

Though, if you use the tour operator, all the worries about these issues are resolved in a blink of an eye.

  • They Help You Access the Principal Tourist Attractions

This is a great reason to use a tour operator when planning your Uganda safari tour as it is a great privilege. Some of the principal tourist attractions are very hard to access by self-travel tourists but in case they use a tour operator, they will have easy access.

Usually, tour operators have arrangements with tourist attractions which makes guests quick access to the spots.

  • Tour Operators Will Give You All the Required Travel Advice

When you use a tour operator in Uganda, he will give you all the necessary travel advice that you require. He/she will advise you on the things to carry for your safari and about the dos and don’ts of the destination you are going to.

  • They Offer You After-Sales Service

Organized tour companies go out of their way and make sure that your safari is a lifetime experience. Like a tour operator can upgrade you up to a midrange lodge from a budget lodge.

They can also go on to help you celebrate your birthday with much love and happiness.

Is It a Must to Use a Tour Operator/Uganda Safari Company for Your Safaris to Uganda?

No, it is not a must for you to use a tour operator for your safaris to Uganda. You can always book for yourself a trip to Uganda.

However, it is advisable to always use a tour operator since he/she is a ground handler and will save you the hustle. Tour operators will also give you the necessary advice that you require when you are traveling to your new destination.

Also, tour operators are always reliable in case of any emergencies when traveling.

So, in conclusion, you can opt not to use a tour operator though it is advisable to use one for your Uganda trips to avoid any inconveniences.

Is There Anything Like the Top Tour Operators in Uganda?

Yes, there are top big tour companies in Uganda offering you the amazing trips of a lifetime. However, one would ask what makes them top tour operators. Well, this goes back to the services these companies offer o their customers.

Also, top tour operators in Uganda are determined by the rating of reviews and recommendations from TripAdvisor and safari bookings. No one can review for bad service and that’s why these are top tour operators based on reviews of their services.

Also, they have a wide market and are operating in several destinations making them the top tour operators in Uganda.

Do Safari Companies in Uganda Do Responsible Travel or Sustainable Tourism?

Yes, most tour operators in Uganda engage in sustainable tourism (responsible tourism) and practice it for the good of the environment.

Sustainable tourism is that which covers the complete tourism experience though it concerns economic, social, and environmental issues.

This kind of tourism embraces the concerns of environmental protection, social equity, and the quality of life of people. It also holds cultural diversity, and a dynamic, viable economy delivering jobs and prosperity for all.

One may be asking about the goals of sustainable tourism. Well, below I have listed some of these goals and these are.

  • Sustainable tourism aims at providing economic and social benefits for local communities, resulting in more of a mutually beneficial (give and take) relationship.
  • It also reduces the impact of tourism on local communities and the environment.

Is Sustainable Tourism Important in Uganda?

Yes, sustainable tourism is very important to a country like Uganda, and here is why it should be practiced by all tourists and tour operators.

  • First, sustainable tourism conserves the environment and wildlife.
  • It also preserves resources and tourism for future engagements.
  • When you practice sustainable tourism, it supports the local people.

How Do Tour Operators in Uganda Practice Sustainable Tourism?

There are various ways tour companies in Uganda practice sustainable tourism and these include;

  • Reduce the use of paper, water, and other resources in offices
  • Use of local guides and drivers
  • They use reusable items like water bottles
  • Advise visitors to less use plastic ware
  • Tour operators now use new and modified less consuming vehicles during their trips
  • They give back to the community
  • Tour operators in Uganda respect wildlife and their habitats
  • Also, safari companies in Uganda have engaged in wildlife conservation like partnering with Uganda Wildlife Authority to conserve the wildlife in the national parks.

How To Choose Good Tour Operators In Uganda For Your Uganda Safaris?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best Uganda safari companies to use for your trip. We are going to en-light you more on the things you need to consider.

What you should know is the best Uganda tour operators are the ones that give you the best safari offers considering they meet the standards we are going to mention.

Always go with the best Uganda safari company that you feel is right for you and that will make your dream safari come true. Choose a company that will give a guarantee of value for money.

To help you choose, below are some of the key aspects to consider before booking a Uganda trip with Uganda safari tour companies.

  • Does The Tour Operator Have The Knowledge Of Your Ideal Destination?

This is the very first point to consider when choosing a tour operator in Uganda. What makes big tour companies in Uganda is their broad knowledge about the destination they are selling.

To have knowledge of the destination means that the tour operator can answer all your questions correctly. Also, a knowledgeable tour operator takes limited time to respond meaning that all the answers are at his/her fingertips.

  • Mind The Payment Methods Of Your Tour Operator

When you are in the process of almost booking your safari to Uganda, always mind the company’s payment methods. You may want to pay for the trip yet the Uganda tour operator’s payment methods are not available in your country.

Some payment methods of the company may charge you a lot of money per transaction. Is this ok? Do always choose a company with the best payment methods that are favorable for you.

A company should at least have 2 payment methods. It is always ideal to transfer money to the company’s bank account in its name, not to personal names.

Here are some of the common payment methods used by tour operators in Uganda;

  • Credit cards
  • Wire transfers
  • Pesapal
  • And payment on arrival

However, for wire transfers, mind using the company’s bank account. If you are to use other online means like Western Union, Money Gram, or World Remit, make sure you know the tour operator very well.

And all payment methods of the tour operator should be secure.

  • Consider The Booking And Cancellation Policies Of Your Uganda Safari Company

When choosing a good tour operator in Uganda, consider their booking and cancellation policies if they favor you.

No one wants to book a safari with a company that has no booking and cancellation policies. If it has, please review it so that you come to an understanding and book with no second thoughts.

Consider if the company has a free cancellation policy, a deposit, and a prepayment policy. Read about all of these policies of the tour operator.

  • Is Your Tour Operator Authentic?

This is also an essential key to consider when choosing a good tour operator in Uganda. First, is it officially registered to offer the services? And is he reliable? Well, the company should be registered and incorporated to operate within the laws of the country.

All safari companies in Uganda are officially registered by URSB. Also, make sure that the tour operator you are using is certified and licensed by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB). This board regulates and popularizes Uganda as a viable holiday destination both locally and internationally

Your tour operator should be affiliated to travel associations that are government recognized.

This will guarantee you the security that the tour operator is fully trustable and dependable. The most active travel association in Uganda is the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

It is very hard for a member to be part of these organizations and do wrong activities and that’s why they are good to use for planning safaris.

However, companies that are non-members of AUTO do not rule them out for providing the best safari packages.

  • Consider The Tour Operator’s Response Time To Your Inquiries

What is the response time to inquiries from the tour operator? This is crucial when choosing a good tour operator for your Uganda safaris. A tour operator should respond on time to any inquiries that are sent to him/her.

A tour operator that responds to inquiries on time is better than that who takes a lot of time to respond. Responding on time makes the tour operator reliable.

  • Does The Tour Operator Have A Sound Business Profile On The Web And Updates On Social Media Sites Or Platforms?

Safari companies in Uganda should be having a functioning website with all the services that they offer. On this website, there should be links to their terms and conditions, where to locate them, and how to contact them.

Also on this website, there should be links to the official social media platforms of the company and they should be having updates. Social media sites may be having information that is not on the website and also it is a good place to look out for feedback from past clients.

Some of the social media sites used by my tour operators in Uganda include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The official website and social media sites of a company make it legit in its services. This adds to the company’s standards which makes it a good tour operator to use.

  • How Experienced In The Tourism Business Is Your Tour Operator? (Does the Experience Of Uganda Safari Companies Matter?)

Well, experience does not contribute so much to the life experience a tour operator is offering you. Many people have worked with many big companies for over a decade and afterward decide to start their own companies.

The company may be new though the operator has the necessary experience to organize for you safari packages.

However, you may opt to go with a Uganda safari company that has been operating for some good time in the industry. The tour package that a tour operator sends you can be used to determine their experience and knowledge based on your research.

Inexperienced tour operators may always take a lot of time in answering inquiries which is unlike experienced tour operators. Otherwise, the experience shouldn’t matter that much when choosing a good safari company.

  • Mind The Price Factor

When you are choosing a Uganda safari company, consider the price/cost of the safari they are offering you. You can always compare this price to other companies especially when you are traveling on a budget.

However, keep in mind that some companies may offer you low prices with no quality or higher prices but with no value for money. Also, others price their packages highly with guaranteed value for money.

Also, it is better to check for what is included or excluded from the tour package before you confirm it.

The best option for considering the price factor is to inquire with atleast 3 Uganda tour operators so that you compare them and settle for the best.

  • Consider The Companies’ Reviews or Recommendations

Before you choose a tour operator in Uganda, check out for their reviews or recommendations from recent travelers. This helps you know the reputation of the company and you can get these reviews from Trip Advisor, Safari bookings, or Google reviews.

This is where past clients write and post their experiences with the tour operator. These reviews will break the air and give you a leaf on what to expect from the tour operator.

Also, these platforms give ratings from which are between 0 and 5. Look out for reviews and check their ratings and if they are around 4 and above then it is a good company for you to use.

If in case you are not satisfied with the reviews, you can contact the tour operator to help you communicate with past clients.

  • How Is the Tour Operator’s Seamless Booking Experience (Easiness Of the Booking Experience)

Choosing a good tour operator to use is a bit challenging though it is also determined by the easiness of the booking experience of the tour operator.

A tour operator should be responsive when you contact them and make the booking process easy. This comes up if the tour operator has all the requirements that you ask for and if he/she has them, then everything is easy and quick.

The seamless booking experience comes in handy with customer care. How the Uganda tour operator is communicating with you is the same as they will do while on your tour.

If the tour company you are choosing is making the booking process difficult, then opt for another company with easy booking processes.

  • Consider The Tour Packages The Tour Operator Is Offering To You (Have They Offered You The Right Uganda Tours And Safaris?)

This is a key point to keep in mind. You should the tour package a tour operator is trying to sell to you. The top African safari tour companies in Uganda gain credibility and recommendations by offering the best tour packages.

Look at the tour package if it has your interests and the actual number of days that you prefer for your safari. Is the safari package have all the activities and attractions that suit you, if not then inquire with another tour operator.

You can always work with the tour operator to come up with a tailored-customized safari itinerary. A tour operator will only recommend and advise you on the safari activities and the decision will be yours to make.

However, look carefully into the package if it states the right lodging options, the kind of vehicle to be used, and the driving hours. If you will it is the right package for you, then go ahead and book your lifetime experience.

  • Does Your Tour Operator Give You Sensitive Advice Of Your Destination? (Travel Advisory)

What makes a good tour operator is the care he/she gives to customers and should be able to advise them with sensitive travel advice.

Choose a tour operator that is giving you updates concerning your destination as you need them so that you travel when you are aware of the dos and don’ts. The tour operator should be able to advise you on what to carry, the dress code, etc.

  • To Choose A Good Tour Operator, Inquire With More Than One Tour Company

Inquiring with more than one company is a good option to help you choose a good tour operator in Uganda. If you inquire about different companies, it gives you the aspect of comparing the services of each and choosing the better one.

  • Consider The Maximum Number Of People (Average Group Size) A Tour Operator Takes On A Safari

This is a good point to consider when choosing a tour operator for your safari to Uganda. Some companies specialize in scheduled groups, family tours, solo travelers, or teens.

If you are a private traveler, ensure that the tour operator can do that for you. If you prefer group tours, then inquire with a tour operator who arranges group tours as you meet new people.

For private tour lovers, you would prefer your car and a private guide. So please inquire with the specialized safari company that deals with your travel arrangements.

However, most Uganda safari companies deal with all kinds of travelers and you can opt for any company.

  • Mind If Your Uganda Tour Operator Runs Their Tours As Opposed To Out Sourcing The Service

When choosing a good tour operator, ensure that you pick the one who customizes their tour packages. It is ideal to know if it will be one tour operator who will be running your entire safari.

It is disturbing and inconvenient to have more than 1 tour operator working on the same tour. Having a tour operator who is outsourcing services may be costly for you as he acts as a broker and in case of emergencies, he may not be reliable.

Always consider a tour operator who runs their tours as it is safe and more reliable.

  • Consider If The Company Has A Clear Traceable Location (How Do I Get To Know About Their Location?)

When considering choosing a tour operator for your safaris in Uganda, ensure that you know their location. It may not be so crucial but to feel more secure it for sure requires you to know the location of the tour operator.

Find the website of the company and see if they truly exist and see if they have social media sites with regular updates. You can get their traceable address from the website and get to know where their offices are located.

You can also use google business verification as most travel and tour companies in Uganda are verified on google maps. You can confirm this by googling the company and google will give you all the results on that company.

  • Find Out If The Tour Operator Offers Safari/Trip Insurance For Their Customers

It is always ideal if you know if the tourism companies in Uganda have travel insurance. Travel insurance will save guard you in case of any travel emergencies when moving around Uganda.

In case, they don’t have insurance, it is ideal to come when you have your travel insurance.

  • Is The Tour Operator Abiding With The Standard Operating Procedures For Covid-19?

Well, this is a crucial factor to determine when choosing a good company for your Uganda tours. Endeavor to know that the company you are choosing follows the rules and regulations that were put in to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

This will ensure your safety so that you don’t contract the disease. Also, the company you choose should be able to give updates concerning the covid-19.

  • Does The Tour Operator Support Local Communities?

Find out if the tour operator you are choosing supports/gives back to the local communities. Always choose a tour operator who you share the same values and goals with.

Research and see if your tour operator is doing something for the community. Does the company use part of its profits to improve the lives of communities in the country?

Well choosing a company that supports local communities is an indirect way of ensuring that your money is used for something valuable in the communities.

Should I Use Tour And Travel Companies In Kampala Or Anywhere Else In Uganda For My Uganda Trip?

Do not get frustrated trying to choose a better Uganda safari company, I know you are wondering if you should use tour and travel companies in Kampala or anywhere else in Uganda.

Well, it does not matter where the safari company is located in Uganda, it’s only that Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and most companies prefer to be in the capital. What matters are the services they offer.

If you choose your good tour operator and he is outside of Kampala but he is offering you better services, then go along with that one. The main point is choosing a good tour operator who is dependable.

Basically, the services of the tour operator will not change because of their location.

Is It Viable To Use One Or More Safari Companies For Cross-Boundary Safaris?

Well, travelers going to more than one country’s destination should opt to use 1 tour operator.

If you have proved and chosen a good tour operator who is offering all the services of your interests in one destination, you can go ahead and book from them your next country destination.

However, first, get to know if they offer packages in that country. And if they do, then it is quick and easy to use them. Using 1 safari tour company for cross-boundary countries is cheaper than using 2 or more.

So I would advise you to use one tour company for all your cross-boundary safaris as it saves you the hustle of looking again for good tour operators in that country.

Is It Better To Use Specialized Uganda Safari Companies Or General Companies For Safaris In Uganda – Best  Tour Operators In Uganda

Well, this depends on the type of Uganda safari that you are going to do when in Uganda. If you are going for a Gorilla safari, it is ideal to use a Gorilla safari company though most safari companies in Uganda offer all kinds of safaris.

Even specialized companies will still offer you other safari and tour packages. The generalized safari companies cover a big ground during safaris and reach many destination areas in the country.

If you traveling for a specific tourist attraction and for a short time, then you should use a specialized tour company. Specialized companies give you full detail of that activity or attraction with the full gist.

And if you have more days for your holiday and want to have an unforgettable experience, then use a generalized tour company.

However, both specialized and generalized safari companies in Uganda offer amazing safaris and you need to find a good operator for your tour.

In conclusion, this article has listed the best safari tour companies in Uganda that you can opt for your Uganda safaris. It also guides you on how to choose good safari companies in Uganda for remarkable Uganda tours.

These tourist companies in Uganda are also playing a role in engaging in sustainable tourism and have greatly benefited the local people and the government. Also, this article has mentioned the various reasons why tourists need a tour operator when planning their trips.

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