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Secret Reasons; Why You Need To Do The Murchison Falls Boat Cruise

If you are planning a trip to Uganda, you no doubt will want to see some of the country’s most inspiring attractions and at the top of the list is Murchison Falls. As you plan your Uganda trip, Murchison Falls is not to be overlooked. No ordinary waterfall, Murchison Falls is one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls in the world. Beyond this natural wonder are the surrounding national park, which offers you a wealth of African wildlife safaris, and exciting Uganda safari adventures that range from game drives, Uganda birding tours, nature walks to Nile River cruises and Uganda cultural safari encounters.

Therefore, deciding to make your way to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda for a Uganda wildlife safari or Uganda bird watching safari during your Uganda safari tour is a wonderful decision however, Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd, a profession Uganda tour Operator Company encourages travelers to take on the Murchison Falls boat cruise. The boat cruise takes you for a drive along the River Nile; the world’s longest river to the bottom of Murchison Falls, a name after which the park was named. Murchison Falls is a magical wonder of a kind. It gives you unforgettable Africa safari moments at the sight of the beauty surrounding the falls. So much is done on this peaceful 40km stretch of river which not only provides the park’s wildlife with water but also offers boat cruise opportunities to local and international tourists who visit Uganda/ Tour Uganda.

The 3,893 km2 Murchison Falls National Park forms the core of Uganda’s largest protected Uganda safari area, containing a wide variety of wildlife including forest primates and 450 bird species.

History About Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls was named after Roderick Murchison, a Royal Geographical Society president, by Sir Samuel and Florence Baker, who were two of the first Europeans to explore the falls area.

During the 1970s, the name of the falls was unofficially changed to Kabalega Falls, after the king of Bunyoro, under the Idi Amin regime. Once that government collapsed, the name of the falls reverted back to Murchison, but you may still sometimes hear it called Kabalega Falls.

In 1951, Murchison Falls served as the background setting of the John Huston movie, African Queen, which starred Humphrey Bogart.

Murchison Falls has been visited by many notable people such as Winston Churchill and members of the British Royal family.

The famous author, Ernest Hemingway was flying into Murchison Falls Park for a visit in 1954 when his plane crashed. Hemingway survived and was treated at a local hospital.

What Makes Murchison Falls Special?

It’s hard to make you believe but once you visit this destination during your Uganda safari tour, you will be blown away by the waterfall’s mighty force and stunning beauty. Murchison Falls is the star attraction of Uganda’s largest national park named after the falls.

Considered the most powerful waterfall in the world, Murchison Falls is created by the great Nile River thrusting through a narrow gap in a violent roar before crashing down a 140-ft (43 meters) drop and flowing outward into Lake Albert. You’ll probably also get to see colorful rainbows and a variety of birds at the falls, so make sure you have your camera ready!

About The Cruise

Whether it’s the grey skies or the bright blue skies on your d’ day, it’s always an amazing journey. Are you a little tense? I assure you it’s always safe because a safety life jacket is provided for everyone. Safety first! We know your life is precious so there is always a little briefing right before you begin the cruise on the waters of the Victoria Nile to give you precautions on safety during your tour in Uganda. It has always been a good practice to make sure that tourists like you are safe during the boat cruise and therefore, great caution is always taken right before tourists get on board.

The Launch trip begins at Paara landing area at the point where river Nile enters into Lake Albert taking you to the bottom of the falls of Uganda’s most prominent Uganda wildlife tour destination. Interested in doing this boat cruise on your safari Uganda? The Murchison Falls cruise is scheduled daily every afternoon departing by 2:00pm as well as mornings at 8:30am and 11:00am when demand requires. The launch cruise takes you for a 17Km drive to the bottom of the falls at Paara taking you 3hours.

What Will You See During Your Cruise?

As part of your Uganda adventure vacation safari, you will be exposed to phase two of wildlife safaris in Uganda as you will see wildlife like hippos, waterbucks, crocodiles, buffaloes and elephants. This cruise is also rewarding for Uganda birding safari tour fanatics as they see lots of them here. You will sight several water birds such as cormorants, Fish eagles, ducks, Kingfishers, bee-eaters and the shoebill. Refreshments are always available on the boat, which cost a very affordable fee.

Beautiful sightings will not even let you know that time runs so fast because you will be busy lost in the moment of beautiful pictures of Nile crocodiles, warthogs, elephants, giraffes, hippos and other common on the shores drinking water like antelopes.

The boat cruise is not only enjoyable but also an informative activity for all age groups. All the while, a Uganda tour guide goes with you along the boat will be explaining away the various animal habits of those that you see, how they feed, their weight, gestation period and so much more. Above all, you will get to interact with other people from different parts of the world who are enjoying the boat cruise like you which is added excitement to this activity. Meeting new people and being drawn under a common cause, tourism or on this tour Uganda is pretty comfortable. You will all be able to share the passion you both have for nature.

The boat will finally take you closer to the spectacular Murchison falls, here you can get out with the help of the tour guide and take plenty of pictures with the falls in the background. This is the most exciting memory to keep with you for years.

Once the boat docks, you will get off so you hike to the top of the Murchison Falls. This is highly recommended as you will get to enjoy the best views of the spectacular waterfalls at different stages as well as refreshed by the spray of the River Nile. However you must communicated with your Uganda safari tours driver who is supposed to pick you from the top of the falls since you do not go back with the boat cruise.

Want to visit Murchison Falls?

Want to visit Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda's largest & oldest conservation area?